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Readdressing the Controversy: Empowering Clipped Parrots

Nearly everything about this presentation discusses either has a current controversy or past line of controversy. Controversy should be welcomed and considered, as it keeps our minds active and bright to compare differing views and argue their points. It is hoped that by the end of the presentation, the topic of clipping parrots will be presented in a light of change. A change of attitude toward the decision, the process and the repercussion.

According to Websterʼs online dictionary, the definition “empower” is to “1. give or delegate power or authority to; 2. to give qualities or abilities to; 3. to give authority to or delegate power to or to authorize; 4. to give moral or physical power, faculties or abilities; 5. (abstractly) to give the confidence to do something.” In this case, we will define to empower as to maximize ability to make choices that have meaning or impact. By this definition, we propose that by empowering clipped (or unflighted) parrots, we are maximizing all their resources to give them meaningful choices.

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