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Parrot Support — COVID 19.

Welcome to Flight Club Foundation COVID 19 edition! We want to let everyone know we are actively helping our community in tons of ways! First, we are a delivery service for both animals and people. Pickup up animals and taking them to the vet and returning them to homes. Rehoming parrots, assisting rescue to procure items and even going out every day to try to find Aero the lost African Grey that we are so worried about.

At the same time, we began by making donated masks when Providence Hospital called for help. Then donated more masks to US Postal Workers and Delivery People. NOW, masks we are selling these cool masks I’m wearing so we can all be better prepared for when we begin relaxing our quarantined selves. After all, it does not look like this virus is going anywhere any time soon!

So, we have sources for you to check out during quarantine that offer educational material for you to review on our regular Flight Club Foundation Page. We also post what we are doing, our store for masks and other parrotphenalia is there as well! All of our events that come up are immediately posted and updated daily on this page.

In addition to our Flight Club Foundation Page, we have a Flight Club Foundation GROUP where it is much easier to post your ideas and comments. We’ve had some of our Flight Club Members post their masks they are wearing on the page like Tammy Channel’s:

Flight Club Foundation’s Material Masks we were donating. Our Secretary, Ellen is MAKING ALL THE MASKS BY HERSELF and has made over 300! So, we began charging for them to pay for her precious time and create a fundraiser to build funds for Seattle Parrot Expo coming September 26&27, 2020.

We recently created a new group for parrot support called COVID 19 Parrot Support Group. Here, we post information about COVID 19 the disease, how it affects our pets, how it’s affecting the environment. In addition to this information, many have posted their needs such as Inca’s Secret’s fundraiser as store sales have declined.

This disease has affected us all with stores fully closing, changing business models and asking for help. Feathered Follies is another small, family owned business that has operated for decades that needs help:

George, the Director of Illinois Parrot Rescue goes to the hospital. We hope he does well!!

We hope with the COVID 19 Parrot Support Group to be a centralized way we can provide a place for everyone to come together to say what they need help with or what they can provide help with at this time. We extend heartfelt concern to the many people who want to continue to provide great things like Illinois Parrot Rescue’s Director, George, who developed COVID 19.

Together, we have a fighting chance to keep parrots with us and our people too!

We also post the most recent information supported by the Pet Industry on this page, PIJAC and are working supplying a database of those that have a place to place animals if needed when a family becomes to ill to care for their birds.

So, it is hoped through our website, our blog, our FB pages we are able to reach out to you in this time as need as much as we can. Let us know where we can help you and your parrot!

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