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Parrot Services

Parrot Consultation

Does your parrot yell, bite, pluck and do undesirable things?  Before you give up, we hope we can help.  Flight Club Foundation offers all kinds of services to help you help your parrot from our own, certified behaviorist or links to help find one in your area.

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Foster/Rehoming Services

Do you think it's time for your relationship with your bird to change?  We are here to help you during difficult times to come up with creative strategies that can help empower you and your parrot.

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Lost Parrot Recovery

Did your parrot Fly Off?  Are you dismayed and need help?  We can be there for you, either in person in Washington State or on the phone to help advise or console.  We have successfully recovered dozens of parrots over the years.    Remember, if you lose your parrot, post it on  Still need help, give us a call!

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Flight Club Foundation Believes in You and YOUR PARROT

We all know our lives can change and change at any moment.  Flight Club Foundation believes in being there for you or your parrot when either of you need it most.

Parrots are given up often vs. finding key solutions that can help change a living situation for the better.  It is our job to help you come up with creative solutions for the many changes that come up in our lives as parrots grow with us.

Because of our diverse and vast membership, we offer fostering opportunities, "co-ownership" ideas, and behavioral consultation to help parrots stay in the homes they are in or find a family that would love to continue a parrots' journey with people.


Next Steps...

Email us at:  Contactus@flight-club-foundation about your Parrot Service Needs.  We will return your contact by no later than the next business day.