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Flight Club Membership

We go to the gym, so should your bird! Provide them with the best psychological benefit ever--flying and socializing out of the home with other birds. A benefit that boosts immune responses and wellness for your birds! It's time for Parrot Playdates! We have two locations with a total of 4 days a month we meet up to socialize, fly birds, and be inspired! We look forward to hearing from you!

If you are interested in joining the Active Flyer's Club, we encourage you to come on in to one of our meetings! The group interviews you and you interview us to see if we are a good fit for each other.

We ask that you let us know who your veterinarian is and ensure your bird has received a CBC and gram stain annually to help ensure healthy members fly with us. We also ask that you do not bring your bird around birds of unknown health history.

Locations and Times


First Friday of the month (7 PM to 10 PM)
Second Saturday of the month (12 PM to 3 PM)

Crown Hill Community Building
9250 14th Ave Northwest
Map it!


Third Thursday of the month (11 AM to 2 PM)
Fourth Sunday of the month (12 PM to 3 PM)

People's Community Center
1602 S MLK Jr Way
Map it!

Membership Types

Flight Club Wings

Dedicated Flyer!  $20/month/monthly or $200/year

Maximize the physical and psychological wellbeing for you and your bird by coming monthly to our Fly Days, AKA PARROT PLAYDATES! Maximize Membership Benefits of Flight Club Foundation!!

  • 50% off FCF paid events.
  • Pay Annually and get two months free, costing only $4.16 per flight!
  • FREE Grooming at Fly Days,
  • FREE Consultation at FlyDays, online or on phone
  • Babysitting opportunities for your bird when you leave with fellow members.
  • Receive our Quarterly Newsletter, Flight Feathers in Print and electronically.
  • At year end, receive FREE Tshirt, Calendar and Certificate of Dedication

If your monthly payment is missed, so does your 50% at the time of event, so make it easy--pay $200 a year and also take two months rent OFF!

Flight Club Wings

Drop in Flyer $5/visit!

​Can't swing $20 every month, but want to come fly once in awhile? This membership is for you! Exercise your vetted bird with us!! Great psychological benefits boost the immune system for 8 different sessions that month!! Only $5.00 to fly your bird per session!

  • 20% off paid FCF events.
  • Currently 4 sessions a month.
  • FREE Grooming at Fly Days,
  • Free Consultation at FlyDays, online or on phone
  • FREE Year End Calendar!