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About Us

About Flight Club Foundation

Parrots are a fundamentally iconic species of animal that represents the health of the planet and the communities of people who affect them. Parrots can be owned as pets, yet are endangered, exotic species as well. This website and the Foundation were created to help the general public and the parrot community understand all aspects of how parrots impact people's lives.

The Flight Club, on which this Foundation is based, is an invitation-only club based in the Seattle area where people gather to socialize their birds and help them learn flight skills. The relaxed, social atmosphere of the club for the people and birds often tantalizes regular members of the public to watch the birds antics and socialization. In amazement, they walk away saying, "I had no idea" about the world of parrots. Another comment, "I did not care at all about parrots until now." They are linked to us in countless ways but most importantly representing the habitat they come from. How much we need it ourselves. How that if we save the very places we find parrots, we end up saving ourselves. Thus, the need to promote this link and the idea for the site was born.

The Flight Club Foundation was created by Debbie Goodrich, who has been a professional bird trainer, educator and Curator of Birds since 1996. She has owned and operated her own business, The Parrot Lady Educational Entertainment, since 2001. Two other founding members include Kathy Morrison and Jackie Cottrell. Kathy has worked in numerous conservation projects including reintroducing the Buffons Macaw to the Darian Gap in Columbia. She now works as an auditor for Silver Cloud Inns and helps the Foundation with all accounting aspects. We are so lucky to have her on board. Jackie Cottrell has over 20 birds in her life currently. She has supported Chris Biro and his Free Flighted Bird Show for numerous years and provides great insight for our goals and directions to take. As a team, our goals are the same. To be a path for the public to learn about parrots and increase awareness to their plight.

The method by which we hope to achieve our goal is to host an annual conference to raise funds. The name of the conference, is "The Seattle Parrot Expo" Its focus will be Educational Entertainment for people with a passion for parrots and for people to develop a passion for parrots. The expo aims to include children as the younger generation needs to understand how complex a parrot really is. Parrot lovers should learn more about how to better the welfare of their pets at home or help parrots that struggle in the wild.

After expenses and allocation, a grant will be awarded to an authorized organization, educational entity, field project or other nonprofit by the Board. The Board consists of the three founders and all Active Members of Flight Club. Each year, we decide by majority vote which applicant will receive the gift. The fun part is that each grant filled will be authorized by one of the member's pet parrots! Nothing like parrots giving money to people! In return, the applicant will be asked to learn about the plight of parrots and give something back to them if they have not already.

Debbie Goodrich, President

Flight Club Foundation Board


Debbie Goodrich, President
Jackie Cottrell, Vice President
Kathy Morrison, Treasurer
Siane Lane, Secretary

Board of Directors

Dawn Anderson, Co-President
Russ Campbell, Internal Relations Advisor
Tom Cusworth, Director of Acquisitions
Bob Dawson, Parrot Welfare Director
Dr. Briget Ferguson, Veterinary Advisor
Carol Field, Administrative Assistant
Adriana Gutierrez, Education Advisor
Carla Johnson, Co-Secretary
Renee Landin, Public Relations Officer
Dana McDonald, Parrot Behavior Advisor
Jarrod J. Scott, PhD, Science Advisor​

You, too, can help by filling out our contact form and letting us know you'd like to help make this world a better parrot place!