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2017 Events.  Want your event listed?  CONTACT US.

January 2017

JANUARY 25th:  EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION Opened for Seattle Parrot Expo 2017.  

JANUARY 25th-31st::  Flight Club Foundation is returning to Houston, TX for the annual NPRPF Parrot Festival!  Flight Club Foundation not only supports local clubs, retail, and rescues, but national ones, too!  We had a great time at


FEBRUARY 7-14:  ​Online Valentine's Auction, to bid go to today!  

FEBRUARY 12:  Kiko's Toy Chest hosts the Olympic Bird Fancier's Club meeting with Dr. Alicia McLaughlin.  Member birds encouraged.

FEBRUARY 19:  NWEBS presents RAPTORS at the Lawn Bowling Building.  No birds please

FEBRUARY 25:  Hilltop Healthy Kids Event.  Take a photo with your parrot at the Tacoma People's Community Center!

MARCH 2017

MARCH 25-27th:  Bird and Exotics Show, Puyallup, WA.  Spin the wheel for prizes! Wear parrot feet and more! (no birds will be present)

MARCH 25-27th:  Feather Fest presentation in Connecticut.

APRIL 2017

APRIL 1st and 2nd:  The Pacific Northwest Reptile and Exotic Animal Show.  Flight Club Foundation will be there with parrots!  Take a  picture, see mini-shows with Parrot Ambassadors.

 APRIL 22-May 1st:  Spring Bling Fling!  A Facebook Fundraiser!  We raised over $500!  Thank you!

MAY 2017

MAY 13:  ​Olympic Bird Fancier's Bird Fair 2016.  Flight Club invites Exhibitors to sign up!  Spin the wheel for a prize!

MAY 20:  Auburn's Petpalooza!  Look for Flight Club Foundation's BOOTH!  

JUNE 2017

JUNE 17th and 18th:   Father's Day Fundraiser for Flight Club Foundation!  All weekend long, drop off clothes and toys that are gently used!!  Drop of bird supplies you no longer want or need.  When we are done, instead of filling our landfills, we are giving our goods to Value Village on June 19th.  In turn, Value Village will give Flight Club Foundation donations by weight for our goods!  It's a win, win!  Just like our "forefathers" would want:)  Have a great Father's Day!!  

JUNE 24 and 25: SEATTLE TACOMA PET CON.  CHECK OUT PARROT AMBASSADOR's BIRD AREA!  Coming to the Puyallup Fairgrounds, we have over 60 feet of space featuring a photo booth, parrots to hold, donations, free parrot stuff, prize wheel and more!  Parrot Performances on the Main Stage Saturday at 11 and Sunday at 3!!!  Ask questions about parrots to our partners:  Northwest Exotic Bird Society, Fight Club Foundation, and Parrot Pockets!  Visit

JUNE 24th:  Kiko's Toy Chest Presents:  Melanie Allen From HARI, the Hagen Avicultural Research Institute.  Talking about Nutrition and how it relates to hormones in parrots.  Flight Club Foundation will be there!

Check out Kiko's Toy Chest FB page!

JUNE 25th:  The Center for Exotic Bird Medicine (CBEAM) OPEN HOUSE!!  12-4pm Flight Club Foundation will be there with feathers to give away, information and a prize wheel for donations!

JULY 2017

JULY 1st and 2nd:  Northwest Bird Expo.  Amazing Speakers:  Jason Crean, Karen Becker, Lara Joseph, Patricia Sund, Dr. Annelise Strunk and Dr. Alicia McLaughlin with special appearance by Bonnie Zimmerman.  Flight Club Foundation and Parrot Ambassadors will be there!  Join us at our Photo Booth!  Professional photographer, Amanda Bloom, print outs right at the booth!


AUGUST 3-7:  AFA CONVENTION IN ARIZONA!!!   Flight Club Foundation is bringing opportunities for out of town exhibitors and sponsors to sign up!  REGISTER FOR SEATTLE PARROT EXPO TODAY! Great raffle item for donation!  Check out our sponsor, Parrot Pockets! 

AUGUST 23-24:  Supported OBF at their EXOTIC BIRD BARN at Kitsap County Fair.  Visit for more details.



SEPTEMBER TBD:  Fundraiser for FCF


SEPTEMBER 22nd: Deadline for Exhibitors to Pay for their space or incur late fees.  REGISTER BEFORE SEPTEMBER 22:

SEPTEMBER 22nd:  Deadline for mailing checks in time for the Expo to mark you as paid so you can receive the appropriate paperwork, free lunch, and registration bag.  After this date, we cannot guarantee you will receive all benefits.



OCTOBER 6th:  Setup for Seattle Parrot Expo 2017 REGISTER BEFORE SEPTEMBER 22:

OCTOBER 7th and 8th:  Seattle Parrot Expo comes to Auburn at Les Gove Park!  TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE!!  Free parking, Free admission, Free speakers.  Speakers Lounge Featuring:  THE MAYOR OF AUBURN, NANCY BACKUS, Bonnie Zimmerman of Indonesian Parrot Project, Buddy Waskey of East Wings Free Flight Club, Daniel Sigmon of Texas Parrot Project and Parrot Festival, The Amazing Veterinarians of CBEAM:  Dr. Annelise Strunk, DVM, Dr. Alicia McLaughlin, DVM, Parrot Shows featuring skating parrots, talking parrots!  Professional Photo Booth with Amanda Bloom!  Free Flying Macaws!  20-plus bird aviary by Lory League!  and more!!  Get GREAT DEALS for YOUR BIRD with our EXHIBITORS!  Play Games to support Flight Club Foundation.  Facepainter, Crafts....bring everyone, if they know about parrots or not!  It's time to come learn and have a great time!  Let's save the world, one parrot at a time!