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Seattle Parrot Expo my lifeblood by Debbie Goodrich

I write this to express my utmost, sincerest apology to the many hundreds of people who have made my dream of Seattle Parrot Expo a reality that the core of Seattle Parrot Expo has been rescheduled for 2017.  My mom is in the hospital to be considered for permanent care as of this writing.  Given my responsibility to coordinate the functions of the Expo, I have been unable to help her the past two weeks.  I can no longer function either for her or to give you the Seattle Parrot Expo we have created as a team over the past 3 years.  

I remain awed by the support of so many that brought my dream of 15 years while I researched, asked for partnerships, created professional ties, created a support team that it all finally came together.  I cannot believe it.  I cannot express the words I feel when it happens--astonished, amazed, humbled... the list goes on.

To me, Seattle Parrot Expo is living art. Dynamic elements that create a symphony or a train wreck.  The reason I pour my lifeblood into this event is not for my personal fame, making money or promoting the next best thing.  It is because I'm passionate about reaching out to people and seeing their faces change from criticism to wonder.  From frowns and fighting to smiles and curiosity.  The interaction a parrot brings to the world is hands down, unique.  The many-faceted diamond is a parrot that affects us all if we know it or not. 

I'm sincerely hoping you, your family, your children, your businesses, your companies continue with this awe-inspiring support as we develop the coolest Seattle Parrot Expo to come yet in 2017.  Please don't hesitate to call or email.  ~  Debbie Goodrich, President, Flight Club Foundation.  

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Flight Club Foundation Motto: "People helping parrots, parrots helping people."

*The Featured Speaker Series is Flight Club's Primary Investment and Fundraising Event where a Registration Fee is required.

Stage Schedule

Kids Activities

Exhibitors Hall

Seattle Parrot Expo 2017 to benefit Seattle Children's Hospital Therapeutic Play Fund!  


What is Seattle Parrot Expo?

12424 42nd Avenue South, Tukwila, WA 98168


 The SEATTLE PARROT EXPO Is the LARGEST PARROT-BASED Event In THE ENTIRE NORTHWEST!  The ONLY National expo of it's kind to introduce everything parrots relate to as a career to families and children while equally providing the top International, professional mentors of our time

in one umbrella.  

We call it "more than a parrot expo--a people expo too!"

The Seattle Parrot Expo comprises five primary areas to attend. 

The first is our  EXHIBITION HALL.  This truly represents what our Expo is all about--connecting careers that are influenced by parrots.  Score great deals for your parrot's needs-cages, nutrion, cages and morehopping for your bird and score great deals on food, toys, and cages.  Check out our local avian veterinarians, artisans, stores, rescues, and more!  Win a Treasure Trove of gifts by filling out your Treasure Map at each exhibitor.  A completed map = aviator wings and a chance to win the treasure chest stuffed full of toy donations!   Learn when, what, where, who, how we can help parrots.  Find support, community, fun and ingenuity when it comes to bringing a parrot home with you, the educated way!  Be sure to support them as they have supported us year after year!

The Second area of the Expo is the LIVE BIRD AREA   This area hosts the parrots of Flight Club's Active Flyers!  Our Active Flyers are pet owners and enthusiasts who fly at one of our two locations to give themselves and their birds social time and space to spread their wings.  We are always learning ourselves from the great mentors we bring in and hope we can provide you with good information we've learned as we experience a changing world ourselves!  Visit our PHOTO BOOTH to have birds hang out with you or possibly pose for a donation!  

MOVING TO 2017!!  A WALK THROUGH AVIARY by Lory League!  Experience 20 different bird species in one place.  Ask expert breeder, aviculturist, regional director of American Federation of Aviculture and friend, Julie Corwin about the different species.  What do they eat?  How do they eat it?  What does it take to have a parrot?  

The Third area of the Expo is the  FREE  STAGE ENTERTAINMENT for education or entertainment about parrots.  We invite guests locally and nationally to donate their time entertaining and educating you!  Parrot Ambassadors provides an amazing parrot show!  Watch parrots fly, roller-skate, play basketball and more!  Listen to Board-Certified Avian Vets talk about current issues in bird health.  Ask questions in our panel of exhibitors, bird clubs, vets, rescues, bird clubs and more.  Here are some that have joined us:

​​The Fourth Element of Seattle Parrot Expo and the most fun--  KIDS ACTIVITIES !!!!   The best part and most fun is our MIDWAY GAMES designed to educate you on parts of parrots, adaptations of parrots, games influenced by parrots like Angry Birds and more.  EVERYONE walks away a winner!  We offer full mask or half mask face painting and balloon artist making macaw balloons that can sit on your wrist or shoulder.  Take Photos with one of our birds.  

The next best part in the Kids' Activities are the tremendous  FREE crafts, educational activities and interactive handouts from our sponsors!  Make a parrot mask!  Find parrot words, learn parrot facts, check out our hall of knowledge.  Enter a colouring contest to be judged on most liked at the end of our expo.  Our amazing face painter will offer a cute parrot cheek or arm for FREE!  We believe education and entertainment is important for everyone. 

The fifth and final element of Seattle Parrot Expo is our  FEATURED SPEAKER SERIES.  We invite the top mentors of the world to come and expand everyone's knowledge on training, cognition, behavior, conservation and more.  Our goal is for every guest to walk away with a piece of knowledge they did not know before that will encourage further exploration into the connections we have to each other and the natural world parrots represent.  Walk away a winner with CEU's from various organisations we apply for each year.  Every  REGISTRATION   the Expo happen every year and allows us to be able to fund other programs sponsored by the Flight Club Foundation like :

1.  Parrot Grant Program:  Where parrots give back to the community through our birds' donation to a nonprofit organization!  

2.  Active Flyer's Program:  Flight Club Foundation is responsible for maintain the rent now at 2 locations in Tacoma and Seattle.  Totalling over $5000 in expense in rent alone.

3.  Parrots to the Rescue:  Where our board and members visit the community to help them keep their parrots, recover lost parrots, rehome parrots, connect potential owners to parrots needing homes and more.  

4.  Flight Feathers Newsletter:  We're now on Volume 2.  Haven't received yours yet?  Then join TODAY!   

Thank You, City of Tukwila, for sponsoring this great event!