The mission of  flight club foundation 

To increase awareness of and advocacy for the environment our parrots rely on by uniting communities, improving welfare, supporting conservation, assisting research, creating educational programs, inspiring adults and involving the youngest generations in the changes we need to make.



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We cannot operate without people like you, our audience, volunteers, friends and family.  If you ever want to be a part of our flock and help some of the most intelligent, beautiful animals of the world, donations of time and money helps make this world a better parrot-dise.  

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The Active Flyer's Group

Flight Club Foundation

COME FLY YOUR BIRD!  Two Fly Buildings!  One in Seattle and One in Tacoma!   Bring your buddy to learn how to be a bird around other birds.  We ask that you please ensure your bird has been to the vet at least once a year, has had blood chemistries and a CBC before joining us.

$420 A MONTH!  How much it costs to operate two buildings for people to safely fly birds 8 times a month!  Keep us flying, join, sponsor or donate today!

Flight Club Foundation participates across the United States in all kinds of parrot-related events and conferences.  In the local neighbourhood outside of the City of Seattle, they participate in parades, educational programs, lectures, street fairs and more.  Check out where they are headed next! 

“People helping parrots, parrots helping people.”®

Inspiring Environmental and Personal Change using Parrots 

As Ambassadors.

 You may feel like you are alone with your parrot problems, but you are not.  We are here for you and the surrounding community to bring together the world of parrots.  Come watch us fly our birds and join us for a birdie play date!  Learn more about what we can do to foster great relationships together!